Day 4: Getting drilled

Ok so nothing particularly exciting today. I had some cavities filled and spent the majority of the evening with two women drilling away at my mouth. (insert dirty comment here) It is strange, but it feels as if I am slowly awakening from some sleep that I did not even know I was in. Complacency, lethargy, preoccupation with the lives of others instead of my own became common place.

I even read an article today about someone who forgot to fill in their birthday on the new timeline and was overly bummed, because no one remembered, without Facebook telling them. Now I am as forgetful as the next person, but I at the very least remember what month it is in and will send a text or call to see what we are all doing for so and so’s birthday. Are we really so lazy that we can not be bothered to remember a friend without the computer sending us a notification?

I get it we are busy, but it is not good enough. I expect more from those I am around and from myself. I can no long watch my life scroll by on a screen. Now I am not saying that I am not busy and that all I do is sit in front of a computer, far from it. At one point I was working 4.5 jobs one of them a full-time career, but now I have slowed to 2.5 jobs with have more free time than ever. My  various groups of friends have disbanded and while we get together it is not with the same constancy as before.

So here I go on the path of a fuller and enriched life and I have to say so far, I forgot what I was missing. perhaps I will return to a moderate blend of the two, but for now I say “Face Off”


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