Day 8 (I think) In the wee small hours of the morning, and after too much Sangria!!

Morning and mist

I am starting to lose count of the days and the fact the my head is foggy from too much Nora Roberts and an over abundance of sangria does not help.  Oh the sweet joys of Sangria, with its little dance that begs for more… you can thank Nora for that last sentence.


For the first time in over 7 months, I found myself working at one of my many part-time gigs. I did not realize how much I had missed it. Retail, most would lament is filled with angry customers, fists banging down in demands from “The Man,” patiently listening to stories of people who clearly have no one else to listen to or pay attention to them. But I enjoy it, the variety, the stories, the happy face from a customer when I have helped them to find exactly what they did not even know they wanted. One client even said to me “Thank you for asking that question, no one has ever asked us that. They just say here let me show you what we have to sell!” I responded with a smile and let them know it was probably because I had been doing this a long time, though they quickly shirked that answer and continued their praise.

Retail tells the character of a person much in the same way as a fire alarm in the middle of the night. I remember several times in college being stuck outside in the cold and my pj’s and looking around at all the pissed and angry people.

There were a few like myself who appreciated the eventfulness that allowed a watcher to revel in the mix of emotions. I smiled to myself knowing that the secret was all too easy, be happy your awake and alive, and giggle at the futile anger around you. ( Can you tell I finally figured out how to get pictures in my post!! Oh joy)

I can not believe how much actual reading I have done since giving up FB even after an 8 hour shift and a long evening of sangira and laughing with a friend I have not laughed with or talked to alone in quite a while. It was heartbreakingly nice. The night also showed the stark comparison of what my life was becoming before Christmas. This whole transition was over due and is still taking its sweet time. My sadness is falling away at much the same speed as the NJ turnpike at rush hour, during an accident. But it is falling, with tears, silent sobs, and words, words, and more words. I do thank you all for reading and indulging me a little. I am completely taken by how many hits I have had here. Not many to the blogging world in general I know, but for my little space in this cyber world, it is an honor to have your eyes gaze upon such a humble stage. Your time is an honor and a blessing.

Pause for a poem

There is one whisper in the night,

No voice I know,

Small but solid,

Brave and crushingly vulnerable.

It takes the small light inside, to understand it is mine.

Mine alone,

Mine to bear,

Mine to share.



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