Day 9 finding peace!

Ok I am excited that in one week have had 1500 hits, I am a bit shocked really, but excited.  I had a peaceful day of cooking, well making salad and Tuna salad for the next few days. Had an entire pot of tea and watched the Superbowl. Sadly the Pats lost…. come on boys what happened!!! But it is what it is.


I had more work today at a different job that was equally as gratifying and brought joy to another. Get your mind out of the gutter, not That kind of job silly!! I wear many hats and do choose to keep somethings to myself more for those I work with than anything else. No need to bring others into my reflections on here.

I am actually looking forward to next week and the urge to check Facebook is slowly slipping away. The constant need for games and distractions are waning, and really everything is coming into clarity.

Signing off for now

~ Me


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