Day 12 Being responsible

So I gave the people on FB a bit more credit than is turning out to be reality. Not a single person has noticed that I am gone or if they have have done and said nothing. My close friends have been in closer contact and have been making an effort to spend time together. Perhaps that is the reaction on a subconscious level. I did the responsible thing and paid my bills sorted the laundry for the weekend and took care of some other business today. As Valentines day comes closer and closer with not a valentine in sight (which is partially by choice and partially by circumstance)I am attempting to create a day well spent, on what will make me nothing but happy.

Well I am off to continue my streak of responsibility and get some sleep.

Sweet dreams all.


2 thoughts on “Day 12 Being responsible

  1. K-10 says:

    I envy you for being off Facebook for as long as you are. I can’t seem to shake the habit of as soon as I turn on the computer, its the first site I go to. Might have to try this anti-Facebook thing soon and get some work done.

    • cerdwin says:

      It was difficult at first, like most things it can become an addiction. It helps to stop seeking approval for things you would not otherwise need to. Good luck, I hope you take the chance, it is freeing!!

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