Day (I’ve lost count and am too lazy to check)- Snow what?

I was out all day looking for a new space for my side gig which for now shall remain my little secret.   and there was some snow on and off, but nothing spectacular. I could say the same for the buildings I looked at.  At least one of them will be at the very least functional if not aesthetically pleasing. It is exciting the thought of having a space all to myself as long as the price is right i can make the inside beautiful and allow those who come in forget about the building it is contained in. For those of you who play second life think living in a sand box verses a well fleshed out sim. I went back home and got asked out on a last-minute date from someone I thought was not really interested in me, but alas work took precedence and I am out a date.  So I decided to take advantage of the time and go about writing. I have not written for my novel in too long so in about another 15 minutes when I am done with this I will turn my attentions to the book. I got ready, talked to my friends and family about the spaces, called a few more and stepped out to a little night storm.

What!! My car was covered in snow, but being the New England-er I am, I skipped the coat, the gloves and the  hat and hopped in the car completely unprepared for the white stuff. I was virtually naked, though I did change from sandals to closed shoes so I was slightly prepared.

I love snow at night it seems almost magical, it does make everything prettier if not infinitely more dangerous.  People simply do not know how to drive. That is besides the point, I drove through the loveliness barreling at me from the sky in big frothy flakes, giving me the feeling that I was driving warp speed through the  stars. I got to Barnes and Noble got my coffee and sweet fix, roamed over to my favorite table to find it was taken. As soon as I started to unpack, he was leaving so I asked to make sure and explained that there was a plug and that this was prime real estate. He politely said he would have moved anyway if I really needed it. I said thank you but I would not have asked if I though he was staying. So it was a nice exchange with someone who was kind. Thank you universe! I noticed when I sat down that I was across from my sister laptop, another woman with the same laptop as me.  Since it is on the old side for a computer, I was surprised. She is now gone and so must I be soon in the quest to work on my chapter 3 of my book.

So yesterday I got one of those dang you’ve got notifications pending from my beloved Facebook and felt that old familiar twang. I did however resist the urge to just pop on for a moment and have a look-see. I am finding that I miss it a little, but value my time and sleep more. I have connected with a few friends that are both over seas and here in NJ. Someday I may go back to say my hellos and possibly a formal good-bye. Let the secret slip about my experiment as clearly no one has noticed. LOL my A off and see what comes next in my life. I suspect that I will soon be too busy with my new space and expanding business to care at all any more about FB . I do still keep up my business page on FB as it is just for business and do not have running conversations on there. They do not know about the experiment either and I will keep it that way until the 30 day mark.

Have a lovely and snowy night, Facebook free and full of real life!


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