Day 17 Valentines day? What stinkin’ Valentines Day?

Flying solo this Valentine’s day and no regrets. I spent it busying myself with work and finding a great space. I signed a year-long lease which scared the crud out of me, but it is in a good space and the price was right. Sure I would be lying if I said I would hate being doted on by the man of my dreams, and would simply be pissed with a fantastic surprise given with thought and love. Yes that would indeed be a lie, but until the man of my dreams falls from the heavens with angel dust still falling from his shoulders…. I will be making my own dreams come true. That being said, not bitter at all, just tired of finding the wrong ones… Ok Universe, I have learned the lessons can we stop sending me frogs.

I still can not believe that the lease has been signed and I will soon be on the next chapter of this story. Waiting and watching it unfold has been one of the biggest gifts and blessings I have been given. I am a lucky girl and will bask in the love of friends, family and focus on what has been given rather than what is not there.

So many singletons dread the day of love with bitter disdain or denial. Sure we can say it is a commercial ploy to pump gifts and chocolate into the economy as a jolt of caffeine to sustain us until the next Christmas frenzy. We however are the ones buying in when we are hopelessly in love and dread when we are not. So leave commerce out of it and if you’re in love celebrate it everyday and if you are not or are waiting, love yourself!


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