Day 26 The home stretch! (The prospect of self publishing)

With only 4 more days to go my predictions were blown 1 lone person has noticed. My expectations have been exceeded. With the time I have had left over My weight has started to drop again. YAY! After yo-yoing, it is sticking in the down direction, I need a longer string.

I have made great progress on one of my books (the novel into the third chapter) and am well into the 2nd book, not a novel. It will be one of those quick and easy writes but it was a matter of setting up the structure. I got the bones of it done the preface and into the first section. totalling now 62 pages. I hope to be done writing by the end of March and ready to publish by August 2012. When I am you all will be amongst the first to know. I am going the self publishing route for several reasons. 1. I will have greater control, 2. I feel no need to pay for an agent (the Novel will be a different story) 3. The gap between the self publishing world and the publishing world is closing with the advent of the e-book. It is no longer the vanity publishing it was 10-20 years ago. Many of them sell to all of the major retailers with out the backbreaking work of calling, shaking hands, smiling blithely at people who will forget you as soon as you are gone.  If any of you have opinions on self publishing, tactics, pros and cons let me know!!! Please comment

The other reason is that this type of book will be on a deadline that the red tape of a formal publishing environment may get in the way of. I want this book to be available  and ready to buy no later than Nov. 1st. So here’s hoping and praying that it will be a smash hit!

Read, write, and pour out your soul into the eyes and hearts of your readers!


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