Day 28

It really has gone by faster than you would think. My friends who are reading this Tank you for following. I have had more time than ever and have accomplished a lot over this past month. I have given up a habit that was slowly and steadily eating my time. I will go on there on Wednesday and do A giant check in follow-up with the few comments I have received and let my friends know what I was doing. I may resume a few games, but I have officially taken up with my writing again to the point that I am convinced the one of the books will see the inside of a store before 2013  and 2 more for 2014. I have found a new space for my business and saw the fruits of my labor yesterday when I met with 6 new clients and 2 return clients. It is very exciting to see all parts of my life in a state of flow.

I am now convinced that Facebook aided immensely in the stagnation my life was going through. I am not saying caused, but aiding and enabled me to escape in rather unhealthy ways. I was spending more time on the computer playing games than I was interacting, playing in real life, creating, living in general. Now I am on the computer I am writing, working at my business and making plans with people.

I urge you to try giving up Facebook for 2 weeks and see what happens, see the changes in your time and energy. It will easily take one week to stop wanting to check, see, and basically feed your addiction. Do this with any and all sites that you spend more than an hour of your day on. It may not be Facebook for you, it could be twitter, second life, chat rooms, linked in and, Imvu. Do not let the virtual world replace the real one. If your going to escape, pick up a good book, or write a world of your own, paint, draw, sing, go to a concert, go to a museum and live it in 3d!

Rock on in the real world!


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