Day 30 Signing back on

Thank you all for reading, I survived the 30 day experiment! I have learned that

  1.  FB is a time sucker
  2. It drains your energy
  3. Allows/enables people to become socially lazy
  4. Only 1 person to my knowledge noticed or at least took the time to see what was going on.
  5. I am far more productive and have been more productive without my daily visits.
  6. I am no longer addicted to the opinions of those who seem to care not one wit about me or my life.
  7. I have found that those who do care reach out without thinking about whether or not you are on Facebook.
  8. Life is fuller, richer, and more active sans the virtual world.
  9. That there is a small place for connecting, catching up, and helping people through Facebook.
  10. Finally that while I will reconnect, that  I am emotionally more in touch with my self and in general happier without it!

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